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This website is for Labor Education on the character, structure, and ties of the largest labor union confederation in the US, the AFL-CIO.

AFL-CIO is a US-based confederation. However, it has its branches and offices through its affiliates worldwide.   Working closely with and taking money from the US government and the State Department, it can not be considered an independent confederation in the service of the labor movement.

We examine its ties to the US government and its close relationship with dictators worldwide, and in many cases, its prevention of any emerging and existing independent worker struggle around the world.

It is high time the labor movement in the US recognizes that we indeed need an independent labor movement and an independent confederation of unions whose responsibility is only to the workers and not to the bosses or the US State Department.

For AIFLD The American Newspaper Guild And The AFL-CIO International Affairs Program/AIFLD

AIFLD, Reistrup said, “has the distinction of having nearly everything wrong with it because it gets 90 percent of its money from the Agency for International Development. That is the State Department.” Other sources of AIFLD funding at the time, he added, was 6 percent from the AFL-CIO, and 4 percent of its money from large corporations, including W.R. Grace and Co. Coca-Cola, and United Fruit Company, that last, he said, was “synonymous throughout Latin America for Yankee imperialism.”

Panel on Jan 27, 2024: Zionism, The Histadrut, The AFL-CIO & South Africa

After the Washington DC conference, the second LEPAIO conference on the International operations of the AFL-CIO will be held in Philadelphia, PA.
Many speakers are lining up for the event.

The LEPAIO conference will be on 6/11/22 at 1 PM at
The Ethical Society
1906 Rittenhouse Square
Philadelphia, PA 19103

The following letter was sent to Labor Notes to contribute to the position of AFL-CIO with its “Solidarity Center” in the Latin American countries.

The AFL-CIO continued to support CTV efforts to confront the Venezuelan government. In recently released documents garnered from a FOIA request, it is clear that the SC continued its challenge to the Chávez government and actively sought to undermine labor efforts pursued by the socialists — as recently as 2014.

Newly Revealed Documents Show How the AFL-CIO Aided US Interference in Venezuela *

Newly Revealed Documents Show How the AFL-CIO Aided US Interference in Venezuela...

Presentation given on April 9, 2022 Conference

Presentation given on April 9, 2022 Conference

Presentation given on April 9, 2022 Conference

The AFL-CIO & The CIA With Louis Wolf

Louis Wolf, the co-editor of Covert Action...

Building global worker solidarity

Unions are the only organizations that will further the economic-democratic gains of the workers.

However, workers’ struggles have been stifled by the lieutenants of the bosses pretending to represent the working class.  

To impact and lift the blockade in front of the labor, we need our democratic unions where the officials answer only to the rank and file.

Democracy and Internationalism

Unions need to be democratic to represent the workers.  Enough sell-outs!  Rank and file to the leadership.